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Hello! How are you? Love me? 

My heart is so big and until last year I didn't think it was possible to share it with many people. I was overwhelmed with even considering a monogamous relationship because I knew it would be too suffocating for a single individual to be consumed by. I've fallen into multiple relationships with wonderful people as of May 2019, and I hope to use this blog as a way to keep growing and loving.

I started this as a way to share because I personally love being validated by other people's stories. Feel free to share yours with me!

Outside of this blog I'm a writer, comedian, actor and many other fun artsy labels, living and working in Toronto, ON. I like to bring as much of my personal life into my art that I can. Currently working on a short film about a woman discovering her asexuality living in a hyper sexualized reality.

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Photo by Tyra Sweet Featuring Holly Wyde